14th October 2019

RCAs: Relatives And Close Associates

What Are RCAs: Relatives And Close Associates?

What are Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs)?

Relatives and Close Associates sometimes referred to as ‘PEPs by association’ are a type of politically exposed person who shares a family or friendship connection to a PEP. As outlined in FATF guidance, that connection may be a direct family relation or a connection through marriage (or civil partnership). Alternatively, it may be a social or professional association. The list of people who may qualify as RCAs includes:

  • Spouses and partners
  • Parents 
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Uncles, aunts, cousins
  • Spouses/parents of children
  • Close friends
  • Legal advisors
  • Business associates

RCAs may also be joint beneficial owners of an entity in which a PEP has an interest, or may be the sole beneficial owners of an entity set up for the benefit of a PEP.

RCA Screening and Monitoring

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