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Use real-time financial crime insight to stay in control of your AML compliance solutions and keep pace with regulation.

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In a global landscape, effective AML solutions must deal with risk quickly and in strict compliance with national and international regulations such as:

  • The Patriot Act
  • The Bank Secrecy Act
  • FATF recommendations
  • EU Anti-Money Laundering Directives

Unfortunately, traditional approaches to AML/CFT remain time-consuming and costly, diverting company focus from core services and often frustrating customers. 

ComplyAdvantage eliminates these problems and reduces cost and complexity by taking a different approach. We leverage smart technology and data science to build fast, flexible AML compliance solutions tailored to our clients and their customers’ unique needs.

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AML Onboarding
& Monitoring

Automate onboarding and monitoring processes and minimizing false positives by utilizing a live global AML database of Sanctions and Watchlists, PEPs and Adverse Media.

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AML Transaction Monitoring

Better identify risk indicated by transaction pattern changes using our library of typical money laundering scenarios and your own custom rules.

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Payment Screening

Protect your business and stop payments in real-time and maximize straight-through processing with live Sanction list coverage.

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Sanctions & Watchlist Screening

Avoid breaching financial and trade sanctions by screening against our comprehensive sanctions data, monitored in real-time. Coverage includes every global list, OFAC, UN, EU and DFAT, and thousands of governmental, regulatory and law enforcement lists.

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PEPs Screening

Stay on top of changes in risk status, with our industry-leading coverage of Politically Exposed Persons, offering dynamic identification of new risks, along with better data quality and provenance.

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Adverse Media Screening

Enhance your compliance screening workflow with rich negative news insight, while reducing time spent contending with false positives.

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Why ComplyAdvantage Is The Best AML Software Vendor


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Periodic data updates
Real-time data intelligence
Manually compiled data
Automated data capture, curated by risk experts
Siloed systems
Consolidated AML vendor
Standardized approach
Configurable, risk -based approach
Implement in months
Implement in days
Flexible RESTful API
On-premise deployments
Cloud-based SaaS
Batch processing
Automated ongoing monitoring
Individual list-based alerts
Grouped entity-based alerts

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