The world’s only real-time risk database of people and companies.

Be the first to know about critical changes to your customer’s risk status

Sanctions and

Comprehensive global sanction list coverage updated in real-time.

Politically Exposed

Enhanced PEP profiles categorized with relatives and close associates.

Adverse Information and Media

Profile-based negative news configured for predicate offenses .

10,000+ data sources


What data do we collect and how?

We are one of only a handful of proprietary AML data providers in the world. What separates us from the pack, however, is our advanced approach to data collection and refinement. We use the latest technologies in machine learning and information retrieval to acquire information from all major AML sanctions and government watchlists, along with thousands of government sites and millions of reputable negative news sources, faster and more effectively than the industry standard.

Proprietary data sourced from tens of thousands of structured and unstructured sources

70% false-positive reduction rate


How is that data made useful?

We combine entities that appear across lists into single profiles. Profile-based screening allows firms to apply simplified AML measures to lower-risk customers while subjecting higher-risk customers to an enhanced level of scrutiny. Our well-linked profiles are enriched with other identifying information, along with clear traceable source links and relations to other risk entities. The added flexibility to tailor your search per data source and balance both thoroughness and speed improves your operational efficiency and reduce false positives.


How will it improve my workflow?

All of our products are built API-first, meaning we offer seamless two-way integration into increasingly-automated business processes. With ComplyAdvantage, when there is a change in your customer’s risk status, you will simply be notified via a single API call. Not only that, but you are able to configure search profiles to monitor only the types of risks that are relevant to your business. For example, you can choose only to be alerted to certain types of adverse media or class of PEPs.

Reduce customer onboarding cycle time by more than 50%


Our data is collated from over 200 countries & territories, with an emphasis on Sanctions and Watchlists, Politically Exposed Persons, and Adverse Media.

  • 7,000 + structured sources used for our PEP database.
  • 1,000 + Official sanctions, regulator, and law enforcement watchlists
  • 150m reputable media articles read per month


Risk changes are captured via automatic means and then go through a formal process of approval and control. Teams of global data experts are at hand to review and edit any problematic profiles.

  • 263 possible combinations of the search algorithm – all tailored for specific use cases
  • Screen against separate data categories using different levels of exact and inexact name matching.


Our robust monitoring, update, and assurance processes leveraging state of the art machine learning technology mean that we have the capability of monitoring thousands of AML lists concurrently in real-time.

  • 24/7 automatic monitoring captures updates in the shortest time possible
  • Sanctions database refresh 15 minutes after list updates

A snap election was called in Israel on 2 March 2020.
The new parliament was sworn in and the official site was updated on 16 March.
We refreshed all 120 members of parliament on the same day.

The Best Data in the Business

Is your data vendor exaggerating their value proposition by pulling outdated records and duplicating profiles? There’s only one way to find out.

ComplyAdvantage’s customizable matching parameters allowed a significant reduction in false positives and incorrect hits, freeing up valuable time for our team.

Image of Marion Beaufrère
Marion BeaufrèreHead of Product Luko

Image of Marion Beaufrère

ComplyAdvantage can respond faster, have broader adverse media searches, and match more accurately... guaranteeing that we are not putting the bank under financial crime risk.

Image of Jonathan Holman
Jonathan HolmanHead of Digital Transformation Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking

Image of Jonathan Holman

ComplyAdvantage has provided us with a professional solution that can easily adapt to the requirements of regulatory authorities.

Image of Pauline Heitz
Pauline HeitzChief Compliance and Internal Control Officer Lemonway

Image of Pauline Heitz

ComplyAdvantage delivers streamlined KYC screening and risk scoring functionality through API-enabled, cloud native solutions, they have amassed a substantial client base comprising digital financial services providers as well as traditional financial institutions.

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What took one of our associates one full week to do, can now be done in a matter of hours. With ComplyAdvantage, Paxos saw an 80% improvement in efficiency.

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Their team has consistently provided expert advice on how to deep-dive into key insights, which has enabled us to improve operational ROI and continue to offer quality services to our customers.

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Recognized as a 2020 XCelent Advanced Technology winner, we offer intelligence-led, data-driven ways to tackle financial crime.

Reduce the workload and risk associated with AML compliance

Customer Screening and Monitoring

Real-time risk identity screening throughout the customer lifecycle

Transaction Monitoring

Configurable rules engine to monitor patterns of suspicious behavior


Payment information screened against real-time sanctions lists


Enterprise solution for negative news screening and monitoring

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