A Guide to Anti-Money Laundering for Crypto Firms

Prepaid Cards & Wallets

The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) has released a new guide aimed at tackling the increasing misuse of transaction payment text fields by criminals. The guide, Preventing misuse and criminal communication through payment text fields, aims to raise […]

money laundering using prepaid cards

Money Laundering Using Prepaid Cards Although prepaid credit cards have been available since the 1990s, their popularity grew significantly in the late 2000s and continued to do so over the following decade. By 2022, research suggests that the global prepaid […]

Image of 5AMLD - 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive: Prepaid Cards

After 4MLD cut the monthly transaction limit on prepaid cards to €250 (a measure to combat terrorist financing), 5MLD – 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive sets an even lower limit of €150 – this limit also applies to the amount which […]

PEP red flags

PEP Red Flags: Detecting Misuse Of The Financial System Many uncertainties and misunderstandings surround politically exposed persons, or PEPs. Classifying a client as a PEP is not an aim in itself; rather, it forms part of the process that enables […]