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The State of Financial Crime 2024: Download our latest research


Customer Screening: Maximizing Effectiveness and Efficiency A Balancing Act If companies aren’t strategic in their approach to customer screening and monitoring, they risk being overwhelmed with alerts. Those companies face high operational costs, a nearly-impossible-to-clear backlog of alerts, longer remediation […]

A Guide to KYC Solution Providers Celent 2020 – Analyst Report Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance is attracting increasing scrutiny from regulators, making it one of the most complex and fast-growing fields in the AML compliance value chain. This report […]

Remote working presents unique problems for due diligence in general and client onboarding in particular. Firms will need to address and codify new guidelines so as to ensure consistency and effectiveness of any temporary internal know your customer (KYC) processes. […]

Customer Due Diligence CDD

In order to understand the money laundering risks that they face, banks and financial institutions, and obligated financial service providers must verify the identities of their customers, and the nature of the business in which they are involved. The process […]

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process financial institutions (FIs) use to verify their customers’ identities and inform compliance risk assessments. KYC is a foundation of anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance in jurisdictions worldwide. Given […]

KYC: Do you really Know Your Customer?

When people talk about conducting KYC checks, they’re probably referring to the process that takes place at onboarding, i.e. identifying your customer and verifying that identity. But the problem for most businesses, is that a quick identity check isn’t going […]

KYC Risk Rating

How a KYC Risk Rating Can Help Your Company If you are involved in the financial or business sectors, it is important to know both what a KYC risk rating is and how you can calculate yours. KYC, or “know […]

KYC remediation

The Importance of KYC Remediation and Why You Should Be Doing It If you are familiar with the financial industry, you have likely heard the phrase “know your customer”, which is often referred to as KYC. KYC is an important […]

Electronic Identity Verification

How Electronic Identity Verification Helps Fight Financial Crime As criminals develop increasingly sophisticated methodologies to launder money, commit fraud, and fund terrorist activities, demand for effective AML/CFT software grows. Financial crime is a global threat meaning that banks and financial […]