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The State of Financial Crime 2024: Download our latest research

KYC Solutions

Mitigate financial crime risks with our KYC screening solutions

  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of sanctions screening
  • Create custom profiles based on your risk appetite
  • Swiftly identify PEP status and conduct risk-based ongoing monitoring
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Why choose our customer due diligence solutions?

Reduce onboarding times
Make informed decisions about client risk, escalate potential high-risk cases, and take action in real-time
Increase workload efficiency
Implement into your existing workflow to maximize operational efficiency with minimal integration costs.
Effective alert management
Reduce false positives with machine learning algorithms that can prioritize and categorize information.
Automate labor-intensive processes
Ensure precise data gathering, boost analyst morale, and free up compliance teams for higher-value tasks.

KYC verification services offered by ComplyAdvantage

Eliminate irrelevant noise

Sanctions & Watchlist Screening

Minimize the risk of inadvertently engaging with designated entities by identifying significant changes to your customer’s risk status quickly and accurately.
Automatically screen against a real-time AML risk database consisting of customer records, transaction details, and watchlists maintained by government agencies and international organizations.

Sanctions Screening
Sync with existing systems

Adverse Media Screening

Select the specific adverse media categories you want to screen against from the latest FATF and European Union Money Laundering Directive recommendations.

Use rich, dynamic information from millions of data points distilled into live structured profiles to determine who you’re doing business with quickly.

Screen for Adverse Media
Search screening entity

PEP Screening

Establish PEP status with speed and accuracy by screening against live data from international, regional, local, and proprietary sources.
Utilize customizable search profiles to apply different search settings to groups of customers based on your business model and risk appetite.

Screen for PEPs

Powering compliance for over 1,000 customers in 80+ countries

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Try our KYC Services for Free

Conduct a free check using our proprietary real-time database of individuals and businesses to identify AI-driven sanctions, PEPs, and negative news insights. 

See firsthand how live, dynamic data that cannot be found on regular search engines can help accelerate your firm’s onboarding and ongoing monitoring processes.

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Learn more about the KYC process and solutions

KYC Solutions FAQ

Our KYC services include sanctions & watchlist screening, adverse media screening, and PEP screening. Through these solutions, firms can access a proprietary real-time risk database of global watchlists, PEPs, and negative news. We do not offer customer identity verification.

Yes, with our ComplyTry tool, you can get a taste of how our KYC solutions work. Conduct a free search on an entity and access insights relating to international sanctions, news coverage, watchlists, and more.

As compliance experts well know, high-quality data is key to a successful KYC program. ComplyAdvantage’s risk database compiles information from more than thirty thousand news and data sources and is constantly updated with new information about high-risk individuals, entities, and activities. This information gives our customers the confidence to make well-informed decisions about who to do business with.

Additionally, independent reviews of our PEP coverage have consistently found our product offers coverage ahead of the competition. ComplyAdvantage actively seeks out feedback from independent consultants who have the ability to benchmark our product against the competitors’ PEP data in order to verify our combination of technology and subject matter experts can deliver industry-leading results.

Yes, our screening and monitoring tools combine leading AI and cutting-edge API integrations with automated data generation that is constantly in a live state. As a result, we can support near-real-time sanctions screening in volatile geopolitical environments and the creation of custom adverse media profiles aligned to your risk appetite. To make the ongoing process of updating and verifying customer information more efficient, we also support an integrated case management system where alerts can be assigned to analysts and their statuses updated (i.e., closed or escalated).

Discover why over 1000 customers in 75+ countries use ComplyAdvantage

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