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Whether your cryptocurrency is ramping up to an ICO or you are an Exchange looking to screen as funds enter or exit your marketplace, ComplyAdvantage has your compliance needs covered. Built on the world’s only AI-driven risk database on people and companies that pose financial crime, our data ensures that your anti-money laundering checks on the users

of your exchange or clients of your crypto-business are not a financial crime risk leaving and won’t leave your business vulnerable to regulatory scrutiny. ComplyAdvantage’s robust set of APIs and flexible product suite strengthens compliance for new business models as they navigate the volatile regulatory environment.

We help organizations across the digital assets sector:

& Gambling

Next Gen






Compliance made for
new business models

  • Automate the onboarding and monitoring of participants or clients via our RESTful two way API
  • Effortlessly scale compliance as your business grows
  • Customize the criteria you screen against, underpinned by our award-winning, real-time risk data
  • Monitor deposits, withdrawals and trades from any fiat or crypto-currency using wallet IDs to identify patterns that could indicate a financial crime using our Transaction Monitoring solution

Stay ahead in a volatile
regulatory environment

  • Crypto-regulations are changing all the time, to ensure that you don’t get caught short comply to the highest BSA/AML standards with our robust sanctions (OFAC, UN, HMT, EU), politically exposed person (PEPs) and negative news data.

Safeguard your

  • Prove to your banking partners that you take anti-money laundering compliance seriously
  • Safeguard the reputation of your business with one of the most trusted ICO/Blockchain AML providers in the business

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