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ComplyAdvantage Wins the Digital Innovation Award 2019

Corporate Knowledge & Training

It’s been a bumper week at the ComplyAdvantage offices. We were at three different award ceremonies across two dates.

For a memorable fireworks night, we were at The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 Awards for 2019. We were honored and humbled to win the Digital Innovation Award sponsored by Hiscox. It was also a pleasant surprise to be nominated for The Best use of IP presented by N+1 Singer.

We were also shortlisted for the Deloitte 2019 UK Technology Fast 50, coming 21st thanks to our +1500% growth.

Awards are a welcome reminder of the incredible work our team does every day at ComplyAdvantage, but they’re not the reason why we do what we do.

Why We’re Here

ComplyAdvantage was started because of the unending stream of problems faced by financial institutions in meeting regulatory requirements. After the financial crisis, regulatory upkeep for banks was like learning to swim with your hands tied together. Ineffective at best.

The wave of digital transformation narratives have spoken a lot about how to change the journey of the customer and bringing innovation to finance, but they rarely cover the pressing issue of regulatory change.

Our founder recognized that the technology already existed for businesses to adapt to incoming regulatory changes and turn regulatory pressure into a thing of the past. To do that ComplyAdvantage has focused on making products to tackle financial crime.

But these products aren’t what sits at the heart of ComplyAdvantage. They’re the result of our vision to take on and neutralize the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption and all other global financial crimes.

Five Years of Hard Work

For the past five years, that’s what we’ve been hard at work developing. Creating bespoke rulesets that are data agnostic and capable of catching transaction behavior that your business finds suspicious.

Permitting ongoing monitoring of your clients that’s automated, alerting your compliance teams when necessary and tailored to your business requirements.

Compiling an Adverse Information and Media tool that scans millions of articles per day without requiring your compliance officers to use a search engine. And sanctions screening that updates before regulatory bodies are able to send out their emails.

We know this is a huge goal which will take everything we have to make it a reality, so we made it our mission to build the first global, connected database of people and companies powering world-leading financial crime detection tools.

These awards and accolades are fantastic and they mean so much to us as the industry recognizes what we’ve done. But it’s the work that we’re focused on and we’re already working on the next steps to equip businesses with the tools they need to make financial crime a thing of the past.

Originally published 06 November 2019, updated 17 November 2021

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