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How to Enhance SMB Onboarding Efficiency with KYB

Know Your Business (KYB)

Build trusted relationships with streamlined business onboarding

  • Tailor your onboarding process to the risk of the customer
  • Seamlessly integrate within the onboarding journey

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Know your business diagram

A KYB solution that delivers multi-dimensional value


to onboard a customer

By automating the KYB workflow without compromising on risk.


Increase in conversion

Achievable by accelerating the speed at which accounts are opened.


Increase in cases processed per month

Without increasing headcount by using dynamic risk scoring to improve case allocation.

How is KYB from ComplyAdvantage different?

KYB Risk Scoring

Multi-layered risk scoring

  • Drive automation: Enable straight-through processing, escalation to senior staff, and more.
  • Accurately model your risk policy: Our highly configurable system enables you to improve the efficiency of the onboarding flow.
KYB Real-time database

World’s only real-time risk database

  • Confidently mitigate risk: OFAC lists are updated every 15 mins.
  • Reduce false positives: Improve the accuracy of your results with our leading matching technology.
  • Automate ongoing monitoring: Never miss changes to your customers’ risk.

“As a digital trade finance platform, automated onboarding and efficient KYB is critical for 40Seas. ComplyAdvantage’s KYB solution was really easy to get up and running.

We’re able to verify our customers in seconds, improving the customer experience and ensuring we can mitigate risk effectively”

~ Igor Zaks, Co-founder and Chief Risk Officer, 40Seas

How does the KYB process work?

Risk scoring icon
Risk scoring
Highly-configurable dynamic risk scoring greatly increases efficiency while retaining your risk-based approach.
Screening icon
Screen the company, owners, and directors for OFAC, PEPs, adverse media, and more with the world’s only real-time risk database.
Automated monitoring icon
Automated ongoing monitoring
Be alerted to any changes in the screening status of the company, owners, and directors.
Automated decisions icon
Automated decisions
Save time by configuring KYB to automatically accept or reject businesses based on their risk level.
KYB API icon
Integrate seamlessly with your systems via our REST API.
Case management tools icon
Case management tools
Smooth, next-gen experience with escalation options, notes, and more.
Reporting icon
Access rich insights and data into your screening program, customer risk, and team performance. Accessible via our in-app dashboards or export the data.
Audit tools icon
Audit tools
Full details of the case in a comprehensive PDF report.

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Know Your Business FAQs

KYB by ComplyAdvantage helps you reduce the cost of customer onboarding while delivering a better experience and protecting the business from high-risk business relationships. With our easy to use, unified KYB and AML management platform, you can enhance your decision making processes and reduce friction by utilizing the solution in your internal systems through a REST API.

Yes. Data relating to UBOs, directors, and other associated entities can be added to each created case. This includes client-declared information, details you may have retrieved from other regional registries (e.g., UK Companies House), and information garnered through analyst investigations.

Through the solution’s dynamic risk scoring functionality, you can apply your own risk formula and get alerted if the score updates due to a change in perceived risk.

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