Your Risk is Your Business

AML Transaction Monitoring Solution

Implement a smarter, risk-based approach to compliance with our scalable Transaction Monitoring solution, giving you a new way to uncover risks to your business through entity-based analysis.

  • Adopt a risk-based approach and reduce false positives
  • Benefit from flexible API integration and get set up in days not months
  • Upload transaction files in any format with our data-agnostic platform

Speak to an AML specialist about your compliance needs.

We help hundreds of companies across the world manage their compliance process during the onboarding and transaction monitoring process.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce false positives by 70%

Apply a risk-based approach and configure rules and scenarios to customer and transaction risk levels, so that you’re only notified about the transactions that matter – significantly reducing the volume of alerts you have to review. You can also assess transactions in the context of an individual customer by viewing alerts at an entity or transaction level, enabling you to quickly quantify potential problems. You can even stop high-risk transactions as they happen in real-time – by utilising advanced analytics to automatically trigger relevant alerts and drive internal workflow.

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Configurable cloud solution,
tailored to your business model

Get up and running rapidly by leveraging built-in, pre-configured rules and scenarios tailored to your industry – or work with our dedicated implementation team to customise the solution to your individual needs. Benefit from flexible API integration and adapt to risks at reduced cost, without relying on technology teams.

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Don’t take a risk with your TM platform

Discover how companies in your industry are solving the problem. Tune in to our “De-risk Transaction Monitoring” webinar on 30th July 2019.

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