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Syria sanctions

Economic sanctions against Syria are a response to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons against civilians and its sponsorship of terrorist groups. Numerous governments currently maintain Syria sanctions programs, which entail a variety of economic restrictions including trade embargoes, […]

What are sanctions?

To address violations of international law, human rights abuses, and other forms of state-sponsored crime, governments may impose economic sanctions against designated targets around the world. Sanctions cover a range of financial restrictions and prohibitions and  are often deployed to […]

OFAC Sanctions Violations

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is responsible for creating, implementing and enforcing the United States’ sanctions. All parties under US jurisdiction must abide by OFAC sanctions and associated regulations and avoid OFAC sanctions violations. Exemptions to sanction orders […]

OFAC Sanctions

One of the ways the US punishes violations of international law, human rights abuses, and other state-sponsored criminal activities is by imposing economic sanctions against countries, entities, and individuals. The OFAC sanctions regime is implemented and enforced by a dedicated branch of […]

UK sanctions

This guide will outline the UK sanctions post-brexit regulations and inform you of what you need to know to ensure you are complying with the renewed sanction laws. Sanctions in the UK fall under the authority of several different departments. […]