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The State of Financial Crime 2024: Download our latest research

Financial Crime

financial crime units

Financial crime units (FCUs) help banks and financial institutions detect and prevent money laundering, the financing of terrorism and a variety of other financial crimes while meeting their regulatory compliance obligations more effectively. In a rapidly changing financial sector, criminals […]

Vancouver Model of Money Laundering

The Vancouver Model is a method of money laundering that is highly used in Vancouver, British Columbia. The model uses casino gambling as a way for foreign and domestic criminals to launder illegitimate funds and exploits Canada’s traditionally lax regulatory […]

Layering AML money laundering

Crimes that generate significant financial proceeds, such as theft, extortion, and drug trafficking, almost always require a money laundering component so criminals can avoid detection by authorities and use their illegally obtained funds in the legitimate economy. Given the regulatory […]

money laundering human trafficking

How Anti Money Laundering Efforts Combat Human Trafficking Human trafficking is the criminal trade of men, women and children for the purposes of commercial sex, forced labor or other forms of exploitation. There are currently over 40.3 million global victims […]

In its most simple form, financial misselling means recklessly misrepresenting a product or service in order to successfully complete a sale. Financial products are usually “missold” in order to make an individual or company complete a purchase that does not […]

Counter terrorist financing CTF CFT

For more than a decade, terrorist financing has been a prevalent financial crime on which authorities are desperate to crack down. It became a major political issue after the September 11th terrorist attacks in the United States, and it has […]

Financial crime

Financial crime is a significant ongoing challenge for banks, institutions, and individuals. As regulators and financial authorities introduce new strategies to detect and prevent financial crime, criminals develop more sophisticated methodologies to evade legal scrutiny and commit offences, including fraud, […]